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innovation power no realm

Board Of Directors


Professional Title


Nationality or place 

of registration

Main experience (degree)


Yiyuan company 


 Wu Jianneng

BVI Taiwan

Ya Dong College of industry - Electrical 

engineering Quanzhou billion of household

electrical appliances Industrial Co., Ltd., 

general manager Taiwan Longde electric

 (stock) Company deputy general manager

Taiwan Eupa industry (stock) Company of 

home appliance Department Assistant 

Taiwan SANYO motor (unit) Company 

Technical Department Manager


Representative of 

Germany rich 


Co., Ltd.:

 Huang Daping

BVI China

Huinan middle school Chairman of 

Quanzhou Lida Advertising Co. Ltd.

Quanzhou Lida Real Estate Development 

Co., Ltd. chairman and general manager 

Chairman and general manager of 

Quanzhou Lida Shipping Co. Ltd.Quanzhou Lida Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd. 

Chairman Shangqiu Lida real estate 

development limited company chairman

DirectorJiang Weifeng

Hong Kong Polytech University - Global 

Supply Chain Management Registered 

logistics division of the United States Xing Feng Food Co. Ltd.Trade Execute

DirectorHsiung WenYingTaiwan

Shu-Te Home-Economics & Commercial 

High School Departmant of Business 

management XING  HONG CO.,LTD General Manager

Independent Director

Shen Xueren


Graduate College of management science

Deputy general manager of innovation of 

industrial technology transfer company

Softcapital brand management Consultants Co investment director Chengxin VC 

Limited by Share Ltd investment manager

Independent DirectorChuang YuShen


KaiNan Vocational High School Dept. of 

Drafting Fujian Baishang Investment Co., Ltd President

Independent DirectorCHANG, TSO-CHENGTaiwan

Practicing Accountant of Chia Hsin 

Certified Public Accountant Firm

Director of  Yusin Holding Corp.

Independent Director of Concraft Holding Co., Ltd.

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