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Board Of Directors


Professional Title


Nationality or place 

of registration

Main experience (degree)


Yiyuan company 


 Wu Jianneng

BVI Taiwan

Ya Dong College of industry - Electrical 

engineering Quanzhou billion of household

electrical appliances Industrial Co., Ltd., 

general manager Taiwan Longde electric

 (stock) Company deputy general manager

Taiwan Eupa industry (stock) Company of 

home appliance Department Assistant 

Taiwan SANYO motor (unit) Company 

Technical Department Manager


Representative of 

Germany rich 


Co., Ltd.:

 Huang Daping

BVI China

Huinan middle school Chairman of 

Quanzhou Lida Advertising Co. Ltd.

Quanzhou Lida Real Estate Development 

Co., Ltd. chairman and general manager 

Chairman and general manager of 

Quanzhou Lida Shipping Co. Ltd.Quanzhou Lida Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd. 

Chairman Shangqiu Lida real estate 

development limited company chairman

DirectorJohnny KongHongkong

Bachelor degree of Global Supply Chain Management, Hong Kong Polytechnic University -

Oriental Partners Limited 

Trade Director

DirectorRicky TangHongkong


General Manager of Wida (Jiangxi) Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. 

Independent Director

Shen Xueren


Master degree of Institute of Management, Fu Jen Catholic University,

Investment Advisor of National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association 

Director of Deng-Feng Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

Independent Director

Tzuo-Cheng, Zhang


Bachelor degree of Enterprise Management, National Chengchi University

Master degree of Accounting, Colorado University 

A partner of PwC Taiwan

Independent DirectorPei-Wen, ChengTaiwan

Master degree of Department of Finance, Ming Chuan University

Independent Director of Max Zipper Co., Ltd.

Diversity and independence of the board of directors

(1)Diversity of the board of directors: 

Describe the diversity policy, goals, and achievements of the board of directors. 

Diversity policies included but are not limited to director selection criteria, professional qualifications and experience that the board of directors should have, composition or ratio of board members in gender, age, nationality, and cultural, and describe the company's specific goals for the previously disclosed policy and its achievement

Diversity policy of the board of directors: The election of the directors of the company adopts a candidate nomination system. The company claims and respects the strategy of diversification of directors.

In order to strengthen corporate governance and promote the sound development of the composition and structure of the board of directors, it is believed that the diversity policy will help improve the overall performance of the company. Member of the board

The selection and appointment are all based on the principle of meritocracy, with multiple complementary capabilities across industries, including composition of members with various backgrounds (such as: age, gender, nationality, etc.),

They also have industrial experience and related skills, as well as outstanding capabilities in business judgment, business management, leadership decision-making, and crisis management. To strengthen the role of the board of directors and to achieve the ideal goal of corporate governance, the company's "Corporate Governance Code of Practice" clearly states that the board of directors as a whole should have the following capabilities:

a. Operation judgment ability 

b. Accounting and financial analysis ability 

c. Operation management ability 

d. Crisis handling ability 

e. Industry knowledge 

f. International market outlook 

g. Leadership ability

h. Decision-making ability.

(2)Goals of diversity of the board of directors: 

In addition to the diversity of directors ability to measure, in terms of gender, there should be at least one female director.

In terms of nationality, under the requirement of more than half of the Taiwanese directors, there must be at least one non-Taiwanese director.

Diversity of the board of directors:

(3)Achievement of diversity of the board of directors:

The seven members of the company's board of directors are from various industries such as industry, commerce, financial accounting and investment, and all have rich workplace and academic experiences.

Two of these members should be 31~50 years old (29%),four of them should be 51~60 years old (57%),and one of them should be over 61 years old (14%); 

One of them is a female director (accounting for 14% of the female directors); there are also one Chinese director and two Hong Kong directors (also accounted for 43% of directors' nationalities respectively). The company's board of directors has reached a significant result in terms of diversifying its membership. 

In the future, the company will keep pursuing diversity in all aspects of the board of directors depending on the operating conditions and development needs.

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