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In accordance with the revised and promulgated "Public Issuing Companies Establishing Internal Control System Handling Standards", the "Internal Audit Management Regulations" have been formulated to regulate the responsibilities and operating procedures of internal auditors.

The internal audit of Lida Holdings is handled in accordance with the company's "Internal Audit Management Measures". According to the previous regulations, audit operations are divided into two types: regular audits and irregular inspections. Regular audits should be planned before the beginning of the year, and should be carried out at least once a year, and ad hoc irregular inspections should be conducted depending on actual needs. The audit results are sent to the independent directors for inspection in accordance with regulations, in addition to informing the inspected units to make improvements within a time limit. In addition, the inspected unit is requested to submit the improvement situation to the audit tracking quarterly, and the audit should continue to track until the improvement is completed.

At the same time, in order to strengthen communication with the board of directors, all audit supervisors attend board meetings and report on audit business.

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