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Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee shall have at least three members, assist the Board of Directors in formulating policies, systems, standards and structures for the performance evaluation and remuneration of directors and managers, and regularly evaluate and determine the remuneration of directors and managers.

The salary and remuneration referred to include cash remuneration, stock options, dividends, retirement benefits or severance payments, various allowances and other measures with substantial incentives; and managers' remuneration.

Member of Remuneration Committee of Lida Holdings





Convener/Independent director

Tzuo-Cheng, Zhang

Bachelor degree of Enterprise Management, National Chengchi University

Master degree of Accounting, Colorado University 

A partner of PwC Taiwan

2023/6/16 elected

Committee member/Independent director

Shen Xueren

Master degree of Institute of Management, Fu Jen Catholic University,

Investment Advisor of National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association 

Director of Deng-Feng Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

2023/6/16 elected

Committee member/Independent director

Pei-Wen, Cheng

Master degree of Department of Finance,Ming Chuan University

Independent Director of Max Zipper Co., Ltd.

2023/6/16 elected

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